Which minimal technical requirements I need to mee...

Internet browser, mobile device with at least 1GB of RAM and internet connection with minimum bandwidth of 3Mb/s.

Can I import or export data from the application o...

Yes, the application supports both export and import to excel format, however, the number of export/import operations is limited and varies for the different versions. Please see our subscription plans for more details.

Which Multi-Factor Authentication methods are supp...

Our system supports SMS message and Time based One Time Password (OTP), the second method is working with most of the authenticators like Google Authenticator etc.

Do I need to use Multi-Factor Authentication to lo...

Yes, this is enforced on the first logon, however, this option can be disabled later by the administrator.

Does My Plate Space integrate with other systems?

Yes, MPS does integrate with other systems. We use an open API, meaning that it allows different software programs to interact with MPS without communication problems. We also offer integration with major platforms to enable

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